Gwen Humiliation on the school

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I know could it be better with sound, but I dont know about sound so I prefer dont try, rather than just screw it with crappy edited sound, if someone want to give it sound, is welcomme to do it

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and then they gangbang her

i kinda didnt know what was going on even though i read the title, theres no sound, animation and art work is kinda good. but in the end i got to see some of that long ben 10 "inch"

now rape her......

edit: ouch didnt think i would get so many dislikes from a joke were she was pranked and naked like this XD i figured it what would happen next

Don't want to be that person, but she has a spell that allows her to teleport (With no real range limits), and one that can turn off lights in the area (With no determined time limit). Points for effort Tho.

Was good, but let me throw some things at you if you don't mind.

Yeah, sound would make it better.
Why did Julie take her clothes? Did Gwen do something to her?
Isn't Gwen magic? Can't she just make new clothes? <actual question. I really don't know>
Finally, there are a lot of twitter based sound engineers that do this kind of work. There is also behind the voice actor and casting call club that yield good results.

Again, great animation and character structure. Can't wait to see what else you can do.