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Edit 2-11-19: Changed game window size to be smaller!
Want to use the more faster and more stable exe demo?

Note: This is a port of a Ren'py game using an experimental tool called RenPyWeb. The exe version is available on patreon, has music and runs better.

The DC and Marvel Universes have merged! You'd think that'd double the population but all the men are missing, too! Except for you! Find out what has happened, save the day, or be stuck being the only male in the universe! That was supposed to sound like a bad thing.

Want more from us? The latest update has Poison Ivy!


Sexyverse Games Team
Organizer/Writer/Designer: Sexyverse
Programmer/Designer: DrX

Others (DLC/Free Use/Commission/Etc)

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The way you write the characters is amazing. Makes it feel authentic. Consider using different font styles for them to really sell the personality differences, or to emphasize crazy moments.

dam i wa so happy i had to pick 1 of the 3 hero but then that message poped up

A little short, but a very good start. Art is solid, and programming looks to be tight. Story is a bit cliche, but devil is in the details, and the details seem to be good. Very curious to see where all the assorted options eventually end up going.

Very promising indeed!

- Super-hot art design! The girls look amazing!
- I love the personalities you gave the girls, and especially how Diana and Carol look so coquetish and nice!

- Normally I'd get a hard-off from Amanda Waller, but you somehow managed to make her kinda-hot, even if she's still the same type of manipulative prick. So it's not THAT bad.
- The whole "Gary Stu" package the main protagonist is given. I mean, I understand why you did it, the plot may have not advanced much without it, but it's still a bit annoying.

THE "BAD" (not THAT bad, though):
- The selection of characters in the Suicide Squad was a bit lame. I mean, Harley is more than cool, but Katanna and Moonstone are, at least to me, not that enticing for the team. Not that I wouldn't want them in the game, but I would have loved it even more if there were Poison Ivy, Black Cat or other villainesses of both universes...or spies like Black Widow.
- Silly as it may sound, I would have loved to get an option to kiss Harley instead of getting a bj from her (it could be both, however). Or maybe the option to tell any of the girls to show me their asses. But this is mostly nitpicking.

I hope the game will get a lot more content and girls. If I can ask for something in particular, thought, it'd be that we get to kiss the girls as much as we want and to give them anal sex if we like. Hope this game goes a long way!

DrXNG responds:

Thanks for the review! There are actually new girls (ex. Power Girl, Poison Ivy), in the current patreon version of the game, and we're planning on adding more girls in the future as well. There is also additional kissing content in the current patreon version (including Harley).

This game has some great potential going for it. The art style is pleasant to look at and the women look amazingly alluring. The premise, though a little strange, is an interesting one that could make for some insanely fun and erotic moments. my only complain is the lack of music and sound, which the creator has already stated they removed to lower download time. For a demo it's a pretty damn good and I look forward to seeing what the rest of the game is like.