Stripping Daisy At The Pool

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Here, You're Stripping Daisy At The Pool

This is my first attempt at a flash game, so feel free to give me tips!

Click On The Clothes To Strip The Vixen!

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3 clicks and done, is not yet a game, be more inventive.

DelightUltrasonic responds:

Actually it’s 4! But fo real, I’m trying to better myself with flash games

I stripped daisy at the pool.
I'm no pervert. I was just curious as to what was under clothes, by a pool.

Fantastic first attempt DU, good job! Can only imagine what you're capable of once you reach peak, maybe an alternative to High Tail Hall. One could only hope.

ok start...it you could add further actions, it may take a while, but could make it something of a challenge.

There really isn't a lot going on with this. Though everything seems to function, it just doesn't seem to do all that much. The character doesn't seem to react to being stripped, it just feels like changing frames on a static image. Having the character react in some way to being stripped would probably make it feel a bit more interactive without having to program in more features.

The background also feels just a too static and uninteresting. The clouds and water don't move and there is barely any detail in it. Adding some more objects or animating larger elements such as the clouds would also improve it a bit more.

In short, the concept is there, everything just feels a bit too static and not detailed enough. I'm sure if you redo this game with some animations with the character, and more detailed and vibrant background, it would turn out a lot better.